Is It Haute In Here? The New Capitol Couture Is Up!

EfficeIt might be months before the 75th Hunger Games makes its big-screen splash in "Catching Fire", but it's never too early to start freaking out about OMG WHAT TO WEAR to this year's televised bloodbath in Panem's capital city — which is probably why the citizenry has been treated to an early launch of that source for all things dystopian style, the carefully-curated latest issue of Capitol Couture.

Winged evening gowns, giant scarves, sky-high hairdos, and furs that originate from creatures unknown: there's fashion inspiration aplenty in these pages! Not to mention an exclusive interview with the grand high empress of haute-ness, Miss Effie Trinket herself.

The featured looks in the relaunch are just as, er, inventive as one might expect (and Alexander McQueen is a heavy favorite, per usual.) And whether you're using it as a style guide or just something to gawk at, "Hunger Games" fans on Tumblr would do well to add Capitol Couture to their dashboard; it's the best way to be on top of updates about tie-in products (like a collection of cosmetics inspired by the movies!) and neat-o interactive opportunities like this red carpet challenge, wherein users can upload and tag their own Capitol-worthy looks for consideration by a panel of stylish judges.

How exciting is that? What are you going to wear? Because we are tattooing our nostrils and gluing a taxidermied bedazzled badger to our underpants as we speak.

What do you think of the Capitol Couture relaunch?