'The 5th Wave' Movie: Our Casting Picks For Cassie

The 5th WaveWhen a hostile world takeover by mysterious aliens is underway, there's just one thing to do: get nice and comfy on the casting couch to determine who amongst Hollywood's finest young ladies will lead the charge to save humanity! The invasion in question, of course, is the mysterious "5th Wave"—the hotly anticipated adaptation for film of Rick Yancey's novel by the same name.

The book tells the story of Cassie, a 16-year-old survivor of the alien apocalypse that has wiped out civilization as we know it, who's traveling through the wasteland of Ohio in search of her little brother. And today, we're taking a look at five lovely ladies who might be able to take on the responsibility of bringing everyone's new favorite YA heroine to life.

Elle FanningElle Fanning

Any list of young Hollywood heavyweights must include a Fanning sister—and Elle, with her fresh face and serious acting chops, is perfectly positioned to head up what will likely be a "Hunger Games"-esque multi-movie franchise.

Jadin GouldJadin Gould

Who better to battle alien invaders in Ohio than the girl who's already battled 'em in L.A.? Jadin was great as a young victim of the evil extraterrestrials in "Battle: Los Angeles"; a few years later, we think she's ready to take on "The 5th Wave."

Amandla StenbergAmandla Stenberg

Amandla is teensy bit younger than the "5th Wave" lead, but hear us out: The actress who plays Cassie needs to not only play a 16-year-old, but has to pass for a much younger teen (for reasons we can't explain without spoiling certain plot points). And after seeing her performances in "Colombiana" and "The Hunger Games," we know she makes a believable butt-kicker at any age.

Hailee SteinfeldHailee Steinfeld

As an actress, Hailee has a unique ability to evoke both adult capability and teen vulnerability at the same time—making her a great pick for the tough-yet-sentimental character of Cassie. Plus, surviving "The 5th Wave" would almost certainly require some true grit. (Hee, hee.)

China Anne McClainChina Anne McClain

China has mostly made her mark on TV, but snagging the lead in "The 5th Wave" could catapult her onto the A-list as a feature film actress. Plus, her girl-next-door look is exactly right for Cassie.

What do you think of our casting picks for Cassie?