Zendaya Wants To Be 'The Big Sister' With New Tween Advice Book

by Christina Garibaldi

We all know that the tween years can be tough. You have to make the hard decisions of what to wear to school, deal with the stress of parents and friends and then there's always the boy drama. Well, lucky for all you tweens there is about to be a book that helps you deal with all those problems—and so much more.

"Dancing With the Stars" runner-up and Disney star Zendaya Coleman is set to release a new guidebook, "Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence."

"Basically I wanted to make something that was actually going to be useful,” Zendaya told MTV News. "I wanted it to be something that would help people, just help that little tween demographic that watches me and knows me, and it’s kind of an awkward age. It’s an age when you’re not necessarily a teenager, but you’re not a kid, and parents don’t really remember what it’s like to be 12, 13, 14, so I wanted to definitely help out in that sense, and I think it can be little things that it helps through, like little things at school, to what you want to wear, to bigger issues."

And while the book includes photos, recipes and playlists, Zendaya also draws from her personal experiences, since, at just 16 years old, her tween years are still fresh in her mind.

"It’s definitely about my own experiences, I definitely had a good tween years, and I want to help people get through those tween years,” Zendaya said. “I’m a normal kid. I still went to school at that time. It’s about even dealing with girl problems at school. Sometimes books tell you not the most honest answers because sometimes it doesn’t fit for your situation, like talk to a teacher, sometimes you really need some girl-to-girl advice on what you’re supposed to do and actual insight, so I’m trying to be the big sister."

"Between U and Me: How to Rock Your Tween Years with Style and Confidence" hits bookstore shelves on August 6.

Will you be picking up a copy of Zendaya's book for yourself or someone you know?