Darren Criss Is Testing His Repertoire All Summer Long: How You Can Help

If you have big plans to see Darren Criss in concert during his tour this summer, make sure you cheer and holler extra loud for the songs you like best—because you might just cheer them right onto the man's next album. According to Darren, he's using his upcoming tour as a chance to audition his entire repertoire, live and in person, to see which pieces his audience really clamors for.

"It's really a chance to test out that material; if something doesn't work, it'll be instantly noticeable," he explained, when he sat down with MTV News for an interview about his summer plans. And when he goes into the studio to record his next album, he'll be referring back to this on-tour experience in order to determine which songs make the cut.

"I can't help but feel if the audience doesn't enjoy it, I don't think I will either," he said. "I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of disagreement there. It is a very symbiotic thing when you play in front of an audience."

That said, don't panic if your own favorite songs aren't crowd-pleasers at the concerts. Darren also made it clear that if he digs a song, he's not going to toss it just because y'all said "boo." Because this isn't a democracy, it's a Crisstatorship! All hail the Crisstator.

Do you have a song you're hoping to see on Darren's next album?