Third Bridget Jones Book Is Officially Titled

Bridget JonesThe anticipation for the third book about the life and times of eternal British hot mess Bridget Jones has already been running high for months—which may or may not also be the length of time we've been wearing the enormous granny pants we donned in honor of the announcement of the book's November release date. And as of today, we've finally got a title to go with the excitement: The next tome in the series will be called... wait for it... "Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy". (This per an exclusive from the "Today" show this morning.)

Information about the new book has been hard to come by, despite the rabid clamoring of fans who are desperate to know what's up with Bridget these days; all we've gotten so far is the vaguely threatening information from Ms. Fielding that "my life has moved on, and so has Bridget's." (And what does that even mean?!) Also, Bridget's Twitter account hasn't been updated in months. But maybe this title gives us a wee hint? For instance: The boy about whom Bridget is mad could be Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver or even some other romantic interest as yet undiscovered...BUT, it could be an actual boy, in that Bridget might have become a mum during her time away from the prying eyes of the literati. Hmm. Thoughts?