'Warm Bodies' Parody: Hillywood Show Breaks It Down, Zombie-Style

Warm Bodies Hillywood ShowMuch as we all loved the deadpan hijinks of the undead hero in this year's zombie romance "Warm Bodies," you've gotta admit: The film contained nowhere near enough synchronized dance interludes set to a thumping contemporary techno-pop soundtrack. Right?

But hey, that's why we have professional pop culture parody duo the Hindi sisters to fill these unfortunate voids in otherwise-quality films (see: Harry Potter and Voldemort in a televised dance-off). And today, their latest is out: the story of a living dead boy and the girl who lurves him, set to Lady Gaga's "Monster," of course.

In addition to being funny and fabulous per usual, this particular Hillywood video has the extra distinction of featuring the real, actual costumes from the movie—including the artfully blood-stained red hoodie worn by R, who looks so much like Nicholas Hoult that it'll make even the most well-trained celebrity spotter look twice. In fact... are we positive that this isn't actually lost footage from the film itself? Is this the notorious "Warm Bodies—In Motion!" musical montage that was left on the cutting-room floor? DISCUSS.

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