5 Great YA Novels To Kick Off Your Summer

17 & GoneWith a glorious three-day weekend ahead, we're sure that you've got plenty of barbecues and beach time on your schedule—unless you live in the New York area, in which case you're shaking an angry fist at the weather man and putting off your plans for a day when it won't be rainy, windy and cold as ice. Sob. But that's okay! Because even if our bikini has to remain in storage, we can still crack the spine on a great early summer read. Want to spend your weekend feeling smart and literary? Join us in curling up with one of these very good books, all recently released.

"17 & Gone" by Nova Ren Suma

With a twisty mystery at its heart, there's more to this haunting book than meets the eye: a heroine with terrifying visions, a group of girls with fates unknown, and a shocking turnaround that you won't see coming. On what's going to be a rainy, chilly weekend for most of the Northeast, this shiver-inducing story about girls gone missing should be a good way to match your mood.

"Icons" by Margaret Stohl

The first book in the new sci-fi series by the co-author of "Beautiful Creatures" is officially out, and if the chilling tagline—Your heart beats only with their permission—wasn't enough to fully pique your interest, the first six chapters (which we exclusively debuted last month) should have finished the job! Join heroine Dol, whose uncontrollable emotions have always been a curse, as she discovers that she may actually hold the key to saving humanity.

"The Elite" by Kiera Cass

Just when we were swooning over the seemingly inevitable coupling of America Singer to the dashing, delicious Prince Maxon, author Kiera Cass has thrown a wrench in the works with her follow-up book: "The Elite." Only six girls remain in the competition for the nation's royal heir, and America's hometown crush, Aspen, is watching her every move from his post as a palace guard.

"The 5th Wave" by Rick Yancey

Most of earth's population has been exterminated by faceless invaders who lurk in the sky; the ones who remain can't trust anyone.The second alien apocalypse novel on our list, Rick Yancey's "The 5th Wave" is a must-read—if only because you'll want to get through it before one of its bajillion readers accidentally spoils the book's biggest twist. (No, not that one. That one.)

"September Girls" by Bennett Madison

A mysterious seaside town full of beautiful, alluring blondes isn't just the universal fantasy of every teenage boy ever; it's also the setting for this wry, sharp read by debut author Bennett Madison. Spend the weekend unraveling its mystery, and you'll set the tone nicely for your own sexy summer.

What's on your weekend reading list?