Jackson Rathbone, Diego Boneta Team Up For New Thriller

Jackson RathboneIf you like movies starring an unambiguously hot duo of delicious dudes—and really, who doesn't?—then here's a new item for your radar: Jackson Rathbone and Diego Boneta are teaming up for a star turn in "The Dead Men," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Jackson, of course, is best known for his ability to play un-dead men, as the delightfully smirky Jasper Hale in the "Twilight" franchise; Diego was the sexy singer who swept Julianne Hough off her feet in last year's "Rock of Ages" (not to mention one of the stars of MTV's "Underemployed"); and we think they'll look very nice on screen together. Yep. Mmm-hmm.

The film is a thriller, in which a man on the run is taken in by a group of revolutionaries—the movie's eponymous Dead Men—at which point he unwittingly becomes part of a "a centuries-old spiritual battle." Exciting! And vague! With a description like that, we could be in for anything from Templar knights to voodoo priests to a cameo appearance by Hellboy. But with two such desirable fellows attached to star in the movie, we'll be watching the wires closely for further info.

Got any guesses about what's in store for "The Dead Men"?

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