Rumer Willis Locks In Role On 'Pretty Little Liars'

Rumer WillisYes, the rumers are true. (And, yes, we just made that pun. Let it go.) Rumer Willis has landed a role on "Pretty Little Liars."

The starlet will play a charity organizer named Zoe. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rumer is slated to appear in one episode but could potentially end up with a recurring role on the series. She previously appeared on “90210,” so she’s definitely got some experience in the world of soapy primetime dramas.

Rumer’s episode will air in July, and here’s what we know so far: Zoe is described as a do-gooder with a sense of humor. Though, given how much action takes place in Rosewood, we just hope that Zoe doesn’t scare easy. Or, at least, has a few answers to the many, many questions laid out last season. Or, maybe she’s Red Coat. We haven’t seen her (or his) face really, anyone and everyone is a suspect.

The new season kicks off on June 11 and will not only continue to keep fans on the edge of their seats about what’s next for the liars in town, but also lay the foundation for the show’s spin-off, "Ravenswood," which will premiere on ABC Family in October.

Are you jazzed Rumer is headed to Rosewood?