Zac Efron Turns 'Narc'

Zac EfronIt's been a minute since we heard about the Hollywood doings of the illustrious beast known as "the Zefron"—and now, of all things, it turns out that he's turned narc. Narc! Or, y'know, "Narc," which is the title of the new project he's got in the works. Zac Efron will star in this true-crime story based on the life and times of an actual campus police informant, which Deadline's report describes as "a college 'Donnie Brasco,'" and which is now in active development at Fox.

Zac will play the lead role of a college lacrosse player and fraternity president who gets busted with a carload of drugs on his way to a party and has to turn informant in order to save his own skin. Oh man, don't you hate when that happens? But despite the "Animal House"-esque setup, it sounds like this will be yet another serious part for the actor, who's got a slew of movies in the works and who's been opting for more dramatic roles as he transitions into playing adult characters—possibly in the hopes that people will eventually stop associating him with that dancing basketball number from "High School Musical." (Keep dreaming, dude. We will never forget!)

Will you be putting "Narc" on your must-see list?

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