George Blagden Dishes On His 'Bane Chronicles' Audiobook Experience

Remember when we told you that the delicious George Blagden had been tapped to narrate the latest audiobook in "The Bane Chronicles," the exciting companion series to "The Infernal Devices" that explores the life and times of one Magnus Bane? Well! Now you can hear all about that same thing from the actor's own (sensuous, full, ridiculously kissable) lips: just click to enjoy an EXCLUSIVE interview with George in which he talks about his first ever audiobook experience as the voice of "The Runaway Queen," what it was like to go back to France—and back in time—after his work on "Les Miserables," and what he likes best about Magnus Bane. It's just his voice, but daaaamn, what a voice. Prepare to go weak in the knees at the way he says "narrator." Also, "swashbuckling." Also, all the other words in the English language.

Said George, of his time in the soundbooth: "The recording process, quite honestly, has been terrifying in amongst being incredibly rewarding. It's kind of amazing that an author gets to let you take their work and give voice to these characters that they've created. You have a feeling of immense responsibility and you don't want to get it wrong."

And there you have it: George Blagden is not only an incredibly fine specimen of Hollywood manhood, but also an appreciator of literature. All we need now is to find out that he makes a mean souffle, and we'll be officially in love.

Want to hear an excerpt from "The Runaway Queen" by Cassandra Clare and Maureen Johnson? (Of course you do!) We've got that too! Check it below!

Are you planning to check out the next audiobook installment of "The Bane Chronicles"?