Peep The Book Trailer For Sarah Dessen's 'The Moon And More'

Before you watch our EXCLUSIVE new book trailer for Sarah Dessen's "The Moon and More," be forewarned: It will give you the uncontrollable urge to drop everything, don a hoodie and spend the rest of your day frolicking on the beach with a cute member of your preferred sex. Okay? Okay. Just don't say we didn't warn you when you wake up with a sunburn, a hickey and, like, 10 pounds of sand in your underpants.

Not that we would know anything about that.


Anyway! This latest novel from the grand high empress of all things YA romance is exactly what you've been waiting for to heat your hot summer nights even hotter, as is readily apparent in its beach-frolic-inducing trailer.

It's the story of Emaline, a girl who can't decide what she wants more: a big, brilliant life outside the boundaries of her sleepy beachside hometown, or a smaller, safer, more familiar one with the family she adores and the devoted boyfriend she's been with for years. Making things complicated is the looming question of college; making them more complicated still is the sudden appearance in her life of a sophisticated, handsome New Yorker, who works on movie sets and reads Bukowski and thinks Emaline is the bee's knees. Uh-oh! Decisions! And if you want to be there when Emaline finds herself, you can move this one to the top of your to-read pile: It'll be out in bookstores June 4.

Are you psyched to check out Sarah Dessen's next book?