Dylan O'Brien Circles Another Awesome Lead Role

Dylan O'BrienIs it too early to crown our own favorite MTV kid Dylan O'Brien as the new king of sci-fi? Because we're totally seeing a trend emerge here! According to a report from Deadline—which comes fresh on the heels of his casting in the starring role in the much-anticipated "Maze Runner" movie—Dylan is now eyeballing another lead: the time-traveling teen protagonist of "Glimmer." Which he is eyeballing from behind the wheel of a spaceship with eyeballs made of lasers and nanobots! Because he is the king of sci-fi. Yes, he is.

"Glimmer," which is slated to start filming in January 2014, tells the story of several time-traveling teenagers who majorly screw things up for themselves when they change the course of history during one of their trips to the past. (Ugh, the butterfly effect—the worst, amirite?) And for Dylan, who's only just making the jump to feature films after his breakout role on "Teen Wolf," snagging the lead could be just the ticket to positioning himself as the next big thing in legit sci-fi action heroes...which is good, because Tom Cruise isn't going to be around forever, you know.

Would you like to see Dylan add another sci-fi flick to his upcoming roster of projects?