Style Superstar: Emma Watson Goes Glam At Cannes

Our Style Superstar could only be found at Cannes this week—and not just because all the most well-dressed celebs are gathered there right now, either. In addition to being a magnet for fashionable famous people, the film festival in the south of France also marks one of the first times in a while that we've seen Emma Watson really pull out all the stops to dress for a glamorous red carpet. And aren't we so glad that she did?

In a word: yes! Oh, Emma. We've missed you, girl. And this dress encapsulates all the reasons why: It's simple, elegant, modern, with just the right amount of glitz to keep it interesting. That sequined bustier bodice above that cream silk skirt? Perfection. And with minimal jewelry and a simple chignon, it—and the woman wearing it—really shines.

Meanwhile, also at Cannes: Zhang Ziyi rarely makes a fashion misstep, but this outfit is what's known as a "scrolldown disappointment" (or at least, it is now.) At first, it looked like the actress had donned a really cool, bold dress—between the print and the belt, we were hoping for a floor-length gown!—but when we scrolled down to see it...pants. PANTS. Not that the pants are bad, per se, but it's just not what we wanted, you know?

What do you think of this week's fashion picks?

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