Get Ready To Matriculate At 'The School For Good And Evil'

The School for Good and EvilIf you luuuurve a good boarding school for the supernaturally inclined—be it Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry or St. Vladimir's Academy for aspiring vampires—here's something new for your radar: another bizarre institution of higher learning that's on its way from bookshelves to the big screen. "The School for Good and Evil," Soman Chainani's modern-day take on the oeuvre of classic fairytales, has been acquired for development by Roth Films and Jane Startz Productions.

"The School for Good and Evil" centers on two friends, Sophie and Agatha, who are spirited away to train in a very particular school (you can probably guess what it's called, yes?), in which students are divided into two distinct groups and trained toward becoming fairytale archetypes. Only things don't work out as expected when Sophie, whose good looks and good deeds ought to make her a shoo-in for the School of Good, is assigned an academic track for villainy—and her pal, who always seemed like a natural wicked witchy person, ends up as a princess-in-training. Crazy! And then, y'know, hijinks ensue.

With nothing but an option on the table right now, there's no guarantee that we'll see this one on the big screen anytime soon—or ever, for that matter. But if it happens, then the professional fantasists at Roth Films (the studio responsible for "Oz the Great and Powerful") are definitely the right people to make it happen! And in the meantime, the first book in the series is on shelves as of this month.

Have you read "The School of Good and Evil"?