Mindy Kaling Talks 'Really Interesting, Weird' Possibilities For 'Project' Season 2

Mindy Kaling was not lying: Last night's "The Mindy Project" season finale was "steamy," indeed.

(Spoilers ahead if you haven't watch the episode!)

Sure, Mindy may have finally decided to head to Haiti with her minister beau, but there’s no denying her sexual chemistry with Danny, as evidenced by the way he managed to make her (and us) swoon. He can clean off the smudges on our glasses anytime.

When Hollywood Crush caught up with Mindy at this year's Fox Upfront, she teased what it might all mean for the future come season two.

"That I think that the relationship that was sort of started as an adversarial relationship between Danny and Mindy reaches a very different place at the end of the first season. And, also, she's like in kind of the best relationship of her life with this great minister guy who’s like funny and great and moral and good. So, it’s very juicy and good," she said.

OK... But what about that romantic moment between Danny and Mindy? Will she make it to Haiti? Will she ditch both guys and get back on the singles scene...again?

"I don’t know," Mindy admitted. "I keep going back and forth. I keep thinking, we literally start up work in five days, and I’m going to ask the writers what they think we should do because there’s so many different, fun ways it could go. And, honestly, the cast is good enough and our locations people and our set designers are good enough that I can see it going in a number of really interesting, weird ways."

Given all that information, we asked Danny himself, Mr. Chris Messina, what he thinks should happen between the good doctors. "Well, I hope the audience is kind of on the edge of their seat with the will-they-won't-they of Mindy and Danny. And I hope that they’re just as confused as everybody else," he said. "I’d like a lot more of me and her becoming tighter over the season. We became better friends, and so I’d like to explore that more. I like our stuff together. We have a fun time."

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