Demi Lovato Is A Super-Fan For Selena Gomez's New Single

You know what's adorable? When two talented stars, who've been in each other's professional orbits since forever, are also off-screen besties—which makes our recent interview with Demi Lovato, in which she gushed about her feels for longtime pal Selena Gomez, probably our most favorite thing this week.

"I love her single," Demi exclaimed, when asked to weigh in on Selena's latest, "Come & Get It." And man, she really, actually loves it!

"I went on vacation in Barbados, and that's all I listened to," she said, adding that "when it comes on the radio, I turn it up really loud and tell everyone to shut up."

But Demi's love for Selena isn't just a matter of professional appreciation; she was also very honest about how their friendship has ebbed and flowed over time, and how those periods during which they drifted apart actually strengthened the relationship.

"We've been through a lot together. We've had periods of time where we grew apart, and we didn't really talk," she admitted. But having been friends with Selena since childhood, Demi says she eventually realized that "when you have people in your life that love you so much, you should just always be around them."

And your moment of awwww for the day: "Everything about her—she has a great soul, she's talented, she's beautiful, and she will always be really close to my heart," Demi said.

Now let's all go call our best friends and tell them we love them, then meet back here for hugs and cake. Okay? Okay!

Isn't it sweet how supportive Demi and Selena are of each other?