Zach Roerig Isn't A Vampire, But He Is A Hump Day Hottie

As we bid another drama-filled season of "The Vampire Diaries" goodbye, we figured now was as good a time as any to gaze at the dreamiest human in all of Mystic Falls, played by Zach Roerig. Considering nearly all the hotties are now supernatural, or dead (or in some cases both), good ol’ Zach is the only fella with a pulse. And, oh yeah, he also has those dreamy good looks. So, Zach, welcome to the order of Hump Day Hotties.

Check out this dreamy photo of Zach, and keep reading for more details about him!

Vital stats: Zach, 28, grew up in Ohio and decided early on to capitalize on his hotness. He attended the Barbizon School of Modeling in Cleveland. It paid off and he eventually got a modeling deal. But, for a time, he paid some dues working for his family’s gravestone company.

Where you might have already seen him: He’s done his time on some of the biggest shows on TV, including “One Life To Live,” “As The World Turns” and the hottie breeding ground known as “Friday Night Lights.”

Why you should take notice of him now: With so much at stake during the season finale of "The Vampire Diaries,” airing tomorrow on The CW, we can only imagine how Matt might factor into the whole equation. While he’s not supernatural, he’s humanness has certainly helped the crew get out of many a jam. He just helped the Salvatore brothers shake Elena’s emotions back up to the surface, after all! By the way, he shakes a few emotions up to the surface for us as well. Is it getting hot in here?

Until next week, when we choose another Hump Day Hottie, you can salute Zach by gawking at the photo above!