Mindy Kaling Teases 'Steamy' 'Mindy Project' Season Finale: 'Wait Until The Very End!'

It's only a matter of hours before fans get to see how Mindy and her crew end up after an action-packed first season of "The Mindy Project." Full of hook-ups, pratfalls and unexpected comedic twists, the season didn't disappoint.

And, by the sounds of it, neither will the finale. "It's a lot. There's a lot of calling back to the pilot," Mindy Kaling told Hollywood Crush at the Fox Upfront Presentation in New York on Monday. “The last minute and half of it is very intense. And when we saw the first cut of it, we had written it so that it would be that way, but it’s like very intense and very romantic and steamy. So you should watch the entire thing and wait until the very end."

Steamy hasn’t always been the perfect way to describe many of Dr. Lahiri's love interests during the show’s rookie season on Fox. Who could forget the drug-addicted, philandering sports agent? But, there have also been some sweet dudes, including Mindy’s recent beau, Pastor Casey. Who ranks on Mindy’s list of best BFs thus far?

“Oh my god! We've been so lucky with guest cast. I love acting with Mark Duplass,” she said. “I think he’s so fun. But he wasn’t really a boyfriend. He was the midwife that Mindy was sort of hooking up with. He was fantastic. And Seth Rogen was really, really fun. What I loved about Seth was it felt really natural with him in a way that was fun. he’s such a good improviser. He’s just such a star that that was very exciting to do that one.”

While Mindy has certainly faced her fair share of personal growth over the course of season one, so has her colleague and constant foil, Dr. Danny Castellano, played by the one and only Chris Messina.

“I think we realized early on to be just grouchy and kind of inward and cool wasn’t really that funny," Chris said. "After a while it might have gotten old. It’s like Inspector Clouseau thinks he’s cool and the best detective, but he’s constantly falling down and making mistakes and in way I think that’s become Danny Castellano. That he’s removed, but inside he’s really nervous and really vulnerable and kind of falling apart. It’s fun to play.”

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