'New Girl' Star Jake Johnson Answers The Question: What Would Nick Miller Do?

Law school dropout. Drink-slinger. Zombie novelist. True American. Nick Miller is a lot of things, but "suave" certainly isn't one of them. Thankfully, that doesn't seem to matter much to love interest Jessica Day, who finally had a sleepover with her bumbling—albeit well-meaning—roommate.

Nevertheless, when the man behind the "New Girl"—actor Jake Johnson—stopped by the MTV Newsroom recently to chat about the season finale (airing tonight on Fox), we just had to ask him to play a game of "What Would Nick Miller Do?" to find out just how awkward things could get.

From facing the Zombie Apocalypse to being Catfished, we put Nick Miller in some supremely strange situations (so, like, just another Tuesday, amirite?). Perhaps unsurprisingly, both of the aforementioned scenarios prompted answers involving Schmidt.

Click play on the video above to find out what Nick Miller would do!

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