'About Time' Trailer: The Time-Traveling Rom-Com You've Been Waiting For

Rachel McAdamsYou know how sometimes two people in a romantic comedy will experience the most ridiculous, perfect, crazy convoluted meet-cute scenario—and you find yourself yelling and hurling heavy objects at the screen, because come on, nobody is that adorably bumbling-yet-witty in real life? Well, at long last, there's a movie out there that makes plausible every single one of those unlikely scenarios through the wonders of science fiction. Seriously, it explains everything! As does this fantabulous trailer for the upcoming movie "About Time," starring Domhnall Gleason and Rachel McAdams.

The premise is as follows: Domhnall (the cutie-pie ginger previously seen in "Never Let Me Go" and as an elder Weasley in the "Harry Potter" films) plays Tim, a guy with one whopper of a genetic legacy, which is that every dude in his family is gifted with time-traveling capabilities. As explained by his father, played by Bill Nighy, there are limits to said time-traveling; Bill-and-Ted-esque ability to drop in on the entirety of human history, not included. And Tim's use for this newfound skill? Going back to every botched romantic opportunity in his life, and basically doing them over in the style of Ryan Gosling. Which, you must admit, is smart...and would also explain a lot about Ryan Gosling, actually, now that we think about it. (Right?! OMG YOU GUYS. RYAN GOSLING IS FROM THE FUTURE.)

Anyway! The movie is written and directed by Richard Curtis, the brilliant Brit behind "Love Actually," and it looks profoundly witty and adorable, so mark your calendars: it'll be out in theaters come November of this year.

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