'Glee' Season 5 Gets Weird: Did Darren Criss Know Something We Didn't?

Remember when Darren Criss cracked wise with MTV News about the "Glee" kids all being imminently destined for summer employment of the "wacky cruise ship" variety? WELL. Call us crazy, but we wonder if Darren might've been dropping the sneakiest of oblique hints about (or just psychically tapping into the secrets of) the upcoming season and its peculiar quirk: a big break right in the middle that'll leave us all "Glee"-less for weeks on end while the show does...well, whatever shows do when they take big winter breaks. Skiing in the Swiss Alps, perhaps?

Darren's talk of cruise ship-related drama dreams for the "Glee" cast came just days before the news of the mid-season hiatus broke at Deadline, where the whole entire Fox fall season roundup is available for your perusal and/or use in advance strategizing about how best to program your DVR so you won't miss out on a single must-see show. (Except just kidding, there are way too many exciting new things happening on too many channels for you to actually do that, and it's time to stop dallying and waffling around like a wuss and decide where your loyalties lie, sir. YOU HAVE HEDGED LONG ENOUGH.)

"Glee" returns this fall in the Thursday 9 p.m. slot on Fox. (Also, of note, "New Girl" has landed a big, splashy post-Super Bowl episode.)

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