'Vampire Academy' Adds Four New Names To The Roster At St. Vladimir's

Pssssst! Yo, froshies: If you want the top bunk at bloodsucking school, you'd better speak up now. The dorms at St. Vladimir's, the "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" elite educational institution for the befanged, are rapidly filling up, with a whopping four new casting announcements on the wire.

Deadline reports that Sami Gayle, Cameron Monaghan, Ashley Charles and Claire Foy have all joined the film, rounding out the cast in several key roles.

Perhaps most importantly (hey, we know what you like!), this casting announcement means two delicious additions of the male persuasion to the student registry at old Vlad's: Cameron Monaghan, who most recently appeared on "Shameless," plays Mason Ashford—a fellow trainee and possible romantic interest of heroine Rose Hathaway; Ashley Charles (formerly of "White Buffalo") plays Jesse Zeklos, a sexy bad boy who's more or less the Prince Harry of this franchise's universe. And also, we've got our villainess: Gayle, who's been a regular fixture for years on TV's "Blue Bloods," will be playing St. Vladimir's resident mean-girl Mia.

The only non-student addition to the cast is Claire Foy, best known for her roles on English television: She'll be playing Karp, a teacher at the Academy who has a complicated relationship with her vampire lineage.

"Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" is based on Richelle Mead's six-book YA series; the film is slated for release sometime in 2014.

How hot are the hallways of St. Vladimir's going to be when casting is complete on this movie?

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