'True Blood' Season 6 Snaps: Bloody, Bloody Bon Temps

Before you flee your cubicle and fall into the comforting embrace of a Happy Hour cocktail, we'd like to turn your attention to something just as intoxicating: a slew of brand new images from the upcoming sixth season of "True Blood."

HBO released nearly two dozen stills from its titillating vampire drama, and if we had to take a guess, this season could be the bloodiest one yet—what with Billith on the loose and a war brewing between the fangs and the fang-nots. But, you'll have to wait until the June 19 premiere to know just how much of the viscous red stuff will be shed. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a collection of images curated for maximum enjoyment by your best gal pals at Hollywood Crush.

Here's Viking vampire Eric Northman all bloody.

And Sookie Stackhouse all bloody.

We're sensing a theme...

Well, at least Bill's all cleaned up, but he's brooding as usual.

Alcide doesn't look too happy either.

Those Bon Temps hotties are so melancholy.

Oh, wait! We spoke too soon. Thanks, new guy Ben!

Another newbie: Nicole.

And, finally, here's Colonel Sanders to open a KFC franchise in Bon Temps.

Is your DVR poised for the return of "True Blood"?