Style Superstar: Dakota Fanning Wings It At The Met Ball

We've already posted once about the superlative looks from Monday night's big gala at the Met—where all the pretty little starlets busted out their weirdest wigs, fiercest makeup and most mesh-and-leather-heavy looks to celebrate the opening of "PUNK: From Chaos to Couture" at the Costume Institute. But we saved the best (and, um, worst) for last, plucking two noteworthy looks from the crowd and keeping them aside for our weekly fashion feature. Who's our Style Superstar today?

It's Dakota Fanning, whose black, bold Rodarte dress was our favorite look from the evening. Dakota went a little less wild than a lot of her fellow attendees—from the front, in fact, you might think that this was just a simple black gown with trendy cutout details. But that peek of black-and-white coming around at her waist is your tip that there's more going on here; the other side of this dress is made entirely of mesh from the bum up, with cool graphic applique wings at the shoulders and wrapping around her lower back. It's a perfect pick for the evening—high fashion at the front, a punk party at the rear!—and while not everyone loved Dakota in this dress, we think it makes her this week's Style Superstar. (Another critic complained that it "looks like a skeleton is grabbing the actress at her waist"—uh, YEAH IT DOES, and it's AWESOME.)

Meanwhile, also at the Met Costume Institute Gala, Madonna showed up in an outfit that defies description (at least if you're trying to describe it without being mean, which we are). Admittedly, the plaid-studded prep-school dominatrix look fits with the evening's theme, but the whole thing flies off the rails when instead of thigh-high steel-toed boots—which at least would have made sense—her ensemble ends in a pair of suede platforms in a shocking shade of bubblegum pink. Then again, Madge is a superstar and grande dame of pop culture, who has more or less earned the right to wear whatever she wants, so...y'know, whatever. And her hair looks great!

What do you think of our featured looks this week?