Selena Gomez Makes Time For The Movies

Selena Gomez is aiming for nothing short of pop-culture domination. The starlet stopped by MTV recently to debut the flaming hot music video for her new single, "Come & Get It"—but just because the 20-year-old is focusing on her music doesn't mean she's left the movies behind.

March's sexy "Spring Breakers" was a turning point for Selena, whose projects up to that point had largely perpetuated her Disney darling persona. So what are her film criteria going forward?

"It just depends... I really just wanted to push myself," she said. "Vanessa Hudgens, who was in the movie, told me if you're not pushing yourself, you're not growing. It's true. I wanted to make sure I played a role I was comfortable playing, and I wanted it to really push me."

Selena will have another chance to venture into fresh territory with the upcoming "Rudderless," the directorial debut from actor William H. Macy, which she'll film before tour promotion ramps up.

"I'm super excited," Selena enthused." It's actually just a small part. Starting music again, I was getting sad that I wouldn't be part of movies anymore. I was really, really fortunate. William H. Macy actually saw 'Spring Breakers' and loved it, so I was super happy. It's a great script. It's a drama. I'll have to get into that a bit more."

Until then, you can catch Sel on her upcoming Stars Dance tour.

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