'Blood Of Eden' EXCLUSIVE: Posters From The Vampire Department Of Health And Hygiene

Blood EdenIf you've been reading Julie Kagawa's terrifying "Blood of Eden" series, you know that the deadly Red Lung disease is serious freakin' business. The plague-like virus has already wiped out most of the world's population, leaving the last remaining humans to live safely behind an enormous wall, in a reluctant symbiosis with the vampires who need their blood to survive. (You know, just in case you thought your spring allergies were a pain in the butt.) And today, in honor of the release of the next book in the series, "The Eternity Cure," we've got a special EXCLUSIVE treat: public health posters based on the events in the series!

They're just like the informative one-sheets in your doctor's office advising you how not to catch herpes—only much more fun, because, y'know, vampires. Whether it's covering your mouth whilst coughing to avoid passing on your innard-liquefying sickness to other hapless New Covingtonians, or registering for a compulsory blood donation in order to keep the vampire overlords well-fed, these posters are just what every good citizen needs to stay alert and aware in times of horrifying blood-soaked death. Hooray!

Check out all four after the jump!

"The Eternity Cure" is out now.

Are you going to put up these posters in your awesome "Blood of Eden"-themed bedroom?