Richard Madden: Is The King In The North Ready To Play Cinderella's Prince Charming?

Richard MaddenHe might be the King in the North right now, but Richard Madden clearly doesn't mind taking a step down the royal ladder; the "Game of Thrones" actor has just snagged his first big feature-film gig in Disney's live-action "Cinderella" as the charming, Charming.

Richard will star opposite Lily James, who plays the titular character, in a role that offers quite the change from his current kingly responsibilities of trudging around in a filthy woolen cloak and battling the Lannister armies and lopping off the heads of the traitors in his own camp (but then feeling really bad about it afterward). In fact, Richard might not even have to wield a broadsword in this film at all; traditionally, Prince Charming's entire purpose in the Cinderella story is mostly to sit around being handsome and desirable and generally lusted after by all the kingdom's single ladies. But has his battlefield experience on "Game of Thrones" adequately prepared him for the far more arduous task of looking royally delicious for hours on end? I don't know, you guys. We'd better examine the evidence.

Richard looks worried here, but still handsome.

And here he is, handsomely brooding about how handsome he is.

Talking about the weather? Richard Madden can do a handsome way.

Not even the background presence of multiple dead bodies can ruin the royal sex appeal in this scene.

Let's test his reflexes. Hey, Richard? Look at this thing! And be handsome about it!

Okay, stop everything. He's ready. He's so ready.

What do you think? Is Richard ready to be the handsomest prince in Handsometown?