Selena Gomez Shares Her 'Huge' 21st Birthday Plans

After seeing the debut of her new video for "Come & Get It" in last night's MTV First exclusive premiere, there's no question that Selena Gomez is going to some exciting places in the next year or so—and also, because she has a very particular birthday coming up, she'll be able to enjoy an adult beverage when she gets there! Yep, it's just a couple short months before Selena celebrates her 21st birthday on July 22 (and we all shed little nostalgic tears about how grown up our favorite wizard of Waverly Place has become, and how old and decrepit we therefore must be).

Selena, meanwhile, says that she's psyched—"I'm gonna have a huge party, so I'm excited," she gushed, but then added, "I think my friends are more excited than I am, to be honest. Because they're older than me, so they're like, 'We can finally take you places!'"

Hmmm, yes, because so much of the world has been closed off to Selena before now, amirite? No, just kidding, it's very exciting. And we, too, look forward to the day when she can go to all the bars and drink all the drinks, without breaking all the laws. Hooray!

How epic is Selena's 21st birthday going to be? What would you buy her? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!