'Divergent' Sequel: 'Insurgent' Has A Screenwriter!

InsurgentWell, somebody's certainly feeling optimistic about the upcoming movie adaptation of the "Divergent" trilogy; the first film based on Veronica Roth's dystopian YA series won't even be out until next March, but according to a report from Deadline, Summit Entertainment has already snagged a screenwriter to pen the sequel!

Brian Duffield has been tapped to develop "Insurgent," the series' second book, for the big screen. It's the second installment in the story of heroine Tris Prior, who finds herself at the center of an ongoing maelstrom of violence, corruption and social change as a result of her "divergence"—a flexible personality that doesn't quite fit within the strict value system of her futuristic, five-faction society.

Duffield has literally one other script credit under his belt, but it's a promising one: He's the writer for the currently-in-production indie western "Jane Got a Gun," which also features a courageous lady battling for her loved ones in a lawless land. Plus, he's really stoked about being on board the next big thing in dystopian dramas, which is always nice. Points for enthusiasm! And a sigh of relief from every fan who'd worried that "Divergent" would fade into obscurity after just one film, as certain other movie franchises based on beloved YA books have done.

Are you thrilled to see a screenwriter on board already for "Insurgent"?