'Great Gatsby' Star Carey Mulligan: What's It Like To Work With Besties Leo And Tobey?

Anyone who's ever been the new kid on the block knows just how awkward it is to find yourself thrown together with two close friends who've been besties since forever—and that's even when said friends aren't two Hollywood A-listers who've been joined at the proverbial hip practically since before you were born. So when we caught up with Carey Mulligan on the red carpet at the premiere of "The Great Gatsby", we had to ask: Was there any middle-school-style weirdness when it came to starring alongside Tobey Maguire and Leonardo DiCaprio, who've been BFFs for 25 years?

In a word: nope!

"We all started hanging out," Carey said of her early days on the set, before going on to say that she had nothing but compliments for her co-stars: "Leo was incredible from the beginning, they both were. They were so generous."

And when it came to the professional decision-making process, Carey assured us that there was no boys' club to speak of, saying, "Everything was so equal and measured, and my opinion was as valued as theirs. There was no hierarchy."

"Which," she added, "there easily could have been. Because they're massive movie stars!"

And there you have it: Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are not only major celebrities and ultra-talented actors, but also lovely dudes who will totally let you hang out in their treehouse and sit with them at lunch. Sigh. Swoon.

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