Baz Luhrmann On Leonardo DiCaprio: 'Now He's A Man'

You know who's really good at playing titular, tortured, lovestruck leading men in films directed by Baz Luhrmann? Leonardo DiCaprio, that's who. Back when he was a Teen Beat heartthrob, Leo killed us (and himself!) dead as the lusty Romeo Montague in Baz's "Romeo + Juliet"—and now, he's doing it again as Gatsby. So when we caught up with "The Great Gatsby" director on the red carpet at the film's premiere, we had to ask: Was there anything different about working with Leo this second time around?

Baz's answer: "He was a gifted boy then, and now he's a man."

(No kidding! ...Said every woman, ever.)

And having worked so closely with Leo on two such important projects, the director couldn't say enough about his integrity, his credibility and his general fantabulousness as a human being—and he was able to give us the real, inside scoop on how he's evolved in the past 20 years as an actor and as a person.

"He's a collaborator," Baz said. "He's also really fun, but serious about two things: He's serious about acting, and he's serious about the environment. And he's dead serious about these things."

You heard it here first, y'all: Never, ever joke about forgetting to recycle around Leonardo DiCaprio. IT WILL NOT END WELL.

Have you been watching Leo ever since his role as Romeo?