'Sex And The City 3': Do You Want It?

Sex and the CityWe've already had "Sex and the City" a whopping two times on the big screen, but according to star Sarah Jessica Parker, the franchise might be up for one more roll in the hay: At a recent event promoting her new digital series, "City Ballet," SJP admitted to Extra that she thinks there's still enough juice left in the Carrie Bradshaw narrative to squeeze out a third film.

"I've been saying...there is one story left to tell," she said. "If it's, in fact, the right time and the right place that maybe we should tell it. It would be wonderful. It’s fun to ponder."

Why, yes! Yes, it is. So, let's ponder together: Is a third "Sex and the City" movie something we want? Should Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha be reunited one last time? Or do we all need to just let it die, already, and get our urban sex comedy fix somewhere else? What do you think?