New 'True Blood' Trailer Promises A Vampire War

True BloodThe new season six trailer for "True Blood" hit the internet this weekend, and.. well, honestly, for real, we couldn't even tell you what's going on in it. It's just an enormous collection of half-second shots of splattering blood and naked flesh and vampires being systematically hunted down with laser-sight-equipped guns. Also, something really strange and terrible has happened to Bill in the wake of that gluttonous little drank-the-whole-entire-Lilith incident; in one brief peek at what's got to be a hell of an awkward conversation, Sookie whimpers incredulously, "You really believe you're God!" (And if the genteel, fair-minded Bill of yore has been replaced by a bloodthirsty vampire deity, this is going to be a very interesting season indeed.)

In addition to catching up with the usual Bon Temps crew, the trailer gives a glimpse of this season's new characters: that ranting gentleman with no hair must be Governor Burrell; that moist-looking fellow with the fangs and the hat must be Warlow; that guy making out with Sookie on the couch must be...the guy Sookie makes out with on couches! (Educated guess: It's probably "EastEnders" actor Rob Kazinsky, who we know is making an appearance this season as a new love interest for the Sookster.) There's one person we're almost positive we didn't see, though, and it's worrying: where, oh where, is Luna? Could her most recent skinwalking stint at Authority headquarters have had some adverse effects? DISCUSS.

"True Blood" returns to HBO Sunday, June 16.

What do you think of the new "True Blood" trailer?