'Pretty Little Liars' Season 4 Promo Teases More Texts, Dead Bodies

Pretty Little LiarsIntrigue? Check! Text messages? Check! Killer fashions? Quadruple check! KILLINGS? All the checks!

A trailer for the fourth season of “Pretty Little Liars” has just dropped (via The Hollywood Reporter), and judging from the clip, the upcoming episodes promise to have all the mystery we've come to expect from the ABC Family series—and then some.

After opening up the trunk at the end of last season, leaving fans to guess what left the ladies so shocked (is there even anything left to shock them these days?), the teaser picks up where last season left off. And the new season, kicking off on June 11, promises more Toby (still looking shady to us hanging out in the woods all on his own), a frustrated Aria, a red coat burned up in a fire...and another dead body.

"The truth won’t set you free...but...I’m gonna bury you with it," A tells the liars (and Mona) via text message. And then another text comes in. And it’s certain to be a doozy based on Emily’s OMG reaction.

What we’re interested in seeing most this season is how they will set up the “Ravenswood” spin-off, kicking off this fall after the annual “PLL” Halloween special. It’s already been confirmed that Hannah’s hottie boyfriend, Caleb (played by Tyler Blackburn), will be making the move. So, will he breakup with Hannah? Is a long distance romance about to go down? Will Toby join him for a “Perfect Strangers” type spin-off? We really are anxious to see how it all goes down.

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