Ashley Madekwe Is A Suitable Style Superstar

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we said that nobody, no-how, could pull off the pegged-ankle formal jumpsuit trend that has emerged in the past year? Well, fine. We were wrong. One person—one!—is apparently able to rock the look without coming off lumpy and ill-proportioned...and that person, through her sheer uniqueness, is this week's Style Superstar.

And we probably shouldn't be surprised that if any one person was going to prove us wrong on the jumpsuit front, it would be Ashley Madekwe. The supporting star of "Revenge," who is as beautiful of face and delicate of frame as a spindly-legged baby deer, put on this Topshop number for an LA event celebrating the designer's new "New Wave" collection—and looked amazing in it. The creamy color and simple check print are lovely against her skin, and the suit skims her frame in exactly the way it's supposed to (and the way these one-piece frocks refuse to do on just about anyone else.) Simple black sandals and understated jewelry completed the outfit for a polished, breezy spring look.

But while we'll admit to being wrong about the whole Jumpsuit Impossible thing, we are not wrong about Zooey Deschanel's opaque tights and cropped tee at a "New Girl" screening this week: all that matte black weighs down and overwhelms her beautiful skirt. Yes, yes, black tights are kinda-sorta Zooey's "thing"—but if it's warm enough to bust out a cropped top and a breezing spring skirt, it's warm enough to bare your legs in the name of fashion.

What do you think of this week's fashion picks?