'Glee' Star Darren Criss Wonders Over Rachel, Kurt's Travel Budget

"Glee" creator Ryan Murphy took a calculated risk for the fourth season of his song-and-dance series, splitting episodes between the gang at McKinley High in Lima, Ohio, and the recent graduates who've moved to New York City. And it's a move that seems to have paid off—the show was renewed for not one but two more seasons last month. Yet, star Darren Criss told MTV News recently that it's hard to know how the format change is playing with viewers seeing as he's usually caught up in the production process.

"It's tough to analyze in some sort of cohesive way because it really blurs together. I don't have the advantage of watching every week," he said. "I'm not just being proverbial, it truly does blur together. We'll shoot two or three episodes at a time, and they'll overlap, and you kind of lose track of your chronological order."

But, much like us, there is one aspect of the dual settings that's always been a bit mystifying to Darren.

"Kids are in college now, and it has added a new dimension to the show, but I think everyone does miss having everybody together, which is why the New York kids magically show up in Lima, Ohio, all the time," he said. "How do they fund that? I have no idea. They're college kids. They're always back. Presumably there's some hidden, underground something or another that just straight shoots to Lima, Ohio, It's not very close. Look at a map. Those are very far away. That's a long drive, not to mention an expensive plane ride."

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