You Could Be Part Of The New 'Catching Fire' Book Trailer

Catching FireWhat with all the mad love and excitement for the November release of "Catching Fire," some of you—we won't say who, 'cause we're classy like that—might have forgotten that long before Katniss Everdeen became an action-movie superstar, she was the heroine of a beloved book series by Suzanne Collins. But if that little detail slipped your mind, here's a chance to refresh and reinvigorate your literary love affair with the "Hunger Games" trilogy: a brand new book trailer for "Catching Fire" is in the works, and you—yes, YOU—could be featured ALL UP IN IT.

Here's how it works: you make a video and upload it to YouTube, doing a fill-in-the-blanks confessional on why "Catching Fire" is the bestest and most fabulous book ever written. (The format is specific, though, so make sure you watch the accompanying explanatory clip carefully.) And if your video is terrific, then you and your undying passion for all things Panem-related will be selected to be featured in the new "Catching Fire" book trailer, and you will be famous. Probably.

Watch the video to get the full scoop, and check out the big, long list of official contest rules and regulations for all the legal dish. And then go forth, young Tribute, and share your passion with the interworld! We'll be right behind you; we've just gotta sew the last few sequins on our super-deluxe handmade tracker jacker costume.

Are you ready to share your reasons for lurrrving "Catching Fire"?