'New Girl' Star Jake Johnson Talks Losing His Virginity... On Screen

After a brief hiatus, Fox's "New Girl" returns tonight with an episode that star Jake Johnson (otherwise known as curmudgeonly bartender Nick Miller) says might be the funniest yet. And how could it not be with each character spilling the story of how they lost their virginity (with accompanying flashbacks)?

When Jake stopped by the MTV News studios recently, we just had to engage in some fact-finding pillow talk. Metaphorically, of course. This isn't that kind of workplace.

"The 'Virgins' episode was written by our creator, Liz Meriwether. I think it's potentially our funniest script that we've done," Jake said. "It's everybody in the loft, as well as CeCe, how they lost their virginity. So Nick's story goes back to high school, where he and Winston grew up together. And their dad, the great Dennis Farina—getting him back was awesome. I think he's the best. He takes them to a hotel and gets them prostitutes... As only he could get away with being charming while getting under-age boys prostitutes."

Now if, like me, you were wondering whether any of these deflowering tales are based on real-life experiences, Jake ensured they most certainly are not.

"No, a lot of ours aren't," he said of the series' storylines. "We have such great writers. They have a really firm understanding of these characters, and we just show up at the table read."

So, just to be clear: Jake did not lose it to a prostitute. We think.

As for the will-they-won't-they relationship between Jake's Nick and titular girl Jess (played by Zooey Deschanel), the actor said he's been buoyed by the response their flirtation has gotten from viewers. And he counts himself among fans rooting for the couple.

"I know it's been unbelievable the people's reaction to it, which has been really exciting," he said. "I know at least as an actor and a fan of the show, I've been wanting it to happen. I don't know if I necessarily want them to be together and get married and have kids, but I like exploring that relationship. The writers have a great understanding of it—that I'll come in and read these scripts and every move they make people seem to like, so it tells me they're doing a really nice job."

"New Girl" airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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