Get An EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek At Selena Gomez's 'Come & Get It' Video

If you're raring to see Selena Gomez's first video in nearly two years, come and get it! ...Is what you should do, and is also the name of the song in question, the music video for which will air next Tuesday, May 7, in a hotly anticipated edition of MTV First! We'll have Selena in our studios for the exclusive premiere of the video for "Come & Get It," followed by a 30-minute interview with the star in which she'll take questions from fans. And in advance of her First event, we've also got an early sneak peek from Selena at what's in store when the video debuts.

It's only a tiny taste of the full "Come & Get It" experience, but here's what we saw: a field of flowers, a mysterious scruffy man face in profile, a very lovely shade of red lipstick, and—AND!!!—Selena and her video vixens dancing seductively around something that is really actually on fire. And that's only 10 seconds' worth of what's in store, so don't miss out: Tune in on May 7 at 7:53 p.m. to see the whole enchilada.

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