'Vampire Academy' Gets A Supermodel Schoolmistress

Olga KurylencoAfter getting a teensy-weensy taste of it in "Paris, je t'aime," Olga Kurylenko must have decided she rather enjoyed draining human beings of their delicious innards like so many Capri Sun pouches—because today, she's officially on board to play yet another bloodsucking beauty in the "Vampire Academy" movie!

Deadline has the report that Olga has scored the role of Ellen Kirova, the lovely mistress of the titular school for various vampires, in the film based on Richelle Mead's bestselling series.

"Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters" is the first of what producers hope will be a multi-film franchise based on Richelle's books, which follow 17 year-old Dhampir Rose Hathaway as she matriculates at St. Vladimir's school and trains to be a guardian for her Moroi best friend, Lissa. (There's also a forbidden romance, of course, because of reasons.)

The movies promise plenty of supernatural shenanigans, boarding-school drama and a fresh, sassy sense of humor in addition to their bloody gothic plotlines—and the teen-thriller scene is a new one for Olga, who achieved worldwide fame as a Bond girl in "Quantum of Solace" and was most recently seen opposite Tom Cruise in the sci-fi action flick "Oblivion." Giving stern lectures to unruly students? Should be a piece of cake.

Do you love the choice of Olga Kurylenko to play a vampire schoolmarm?