'True Blood' Teaser: Things Are Getting Messy

True Blood"Blood will sometimes be shed to defend yourselves and the people you love." (And we're pretty sure he's not talking about the synthetic, factory fresh kind.)

It's an ominous promise, indeed—one that concludes the latest "True Blood" season six teaser that debuted last night on HBO.

A falling bottle of Tru Blood—which eventually crashes to the ground causing the sort of sloppy splatter a CSI team would kill for—is the dominant visual of the latest promo, which also boasts a number of voiceovers from our favorite Bon Temps residents. ("It's us against them," Jason warns. "It feels like the world is spinning out of control," Sookie simpers.)

And, really, Sookie's right. With multiple Tru Blood factories burned to the ground last season, the teaming vampire population will have to find a new source of blood, and we bet they'll go for the real stuff. Everybody, hold on to your necks!

"True Blood" returns June 16.