Robert Sheehan Is Anything But Mundane During 'Mortal Instruments' Set Visit

We've spied Magnus Bane in his supernatural skivvies and listened as Lily Collins waxed poetic about her passion project, so it seems time we shine the spotlight on a character who's a bit more mundane—in abilities, not personality, that is.

That's right; we're taking up with Clary's best friend Simon (otherwise known as actor Robert Sheehan) in our latest set visit from "The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones."

And for fans of Cassandra Clare's best-selling fantasy series, Simon is much more than the boy next door; he's also the boy totally in love with our red-headed heroine. It's an unrequited love Robert touched on during Josh Horowitz's visit to the Toronto set last year.

"It's very clear from the beginning of the story that Simon is quite desperately in love with his friend, who's been his best friend pretty much all their lives," Robert explained of his character's affections for Clary. "And it eventually comes to the fore, and they kind of work through it. It's interestingly written in the script because it's kind of just about small conversations that happen between two friends and eventually ends up in, 'Hey, by the way...' And it's been a lovely part, and I'm working with that amateur Lily Collins, and I'm dragging her through the dramatic stuff, you know."

Hear more from Robert, including whether he's nursing a case of Shadowhunter envy, by clicking on the video above!

"The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones" hits theaters August 23.

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