Cory Monteith Reportedly Checks Out Of Rehab

Cory MonteithHere's some lovely Glee-ful news (which is also such good news that you'll forgive us immediately for making that terrible pun, okay?): Cory Monteith, star of the Fox song-and-dance series, is officially out of rehab and doing fine!

According to a report from People, Cory and girlfriend Lea Michele were spotted together at Los Angeles International Airport, marking the conclusion of his latest stint in treatment for substance addiction. Both stars tweeted out words of thanks and happiness on Friday.

The news comes less than a month after reports that Cory had checked into rehab with two episodes yet to be filmed in the fourth season of "Glee," leading producers to write around his absence (and leaving his storyline sadly unresolved for the moment, though of course his recovery is more important!). But after seeing him and Lea all smiles as they set out on vacation to parts unknown, it looks like we can count on a happy, healthy return for the actor when it comes time to get back on set.

Are you happy to see Cory back in the public eye?

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