'The Originals' Picked Up For Series

OriginalsKlaus fans rejoice! "The Vampire Diaries" spin-off, "The Originals," has been picked up by The CW one day after the back-door pilot aired. Yes, that means there will be a lot more hybrid goodness to drink in week after week.

“As soon as we saw last night’s episode of 'The Vampire Diaries,' we knew we wanted more of 'The Originals'—Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson have done a fantastic job with 'The Vampire Diaries,' which is as fast-paced and well-written as ever, and Julie has created an equally compelling world for 'The Originals,'" CW president Mark Pedowitz said in a statement.

The Joseph Morgan-starring series finds Klaus and the Original clan down in New Orleans, where they once ruled the underworld. Now, he’s back home and competing with his former protege, Marcel, who is playing dirty and ruling the roost.

Also on board are siblings Elijah (played by Daniel Gillies), who already is proving to be an ally in the Big Easy, and Rebekah (played by Claire Holt), who in last night’s ep was still Mystic Falls bound and characteristically angry at Klaus.

And (spoiler!) there’s also a baby on the way for Klaus, which we assume will become a big plot point for the spin-off. He got werewolf Hayley knocked up during a one-night stand.

There’s also some news about some of the other shows on the network. While there’s been no word on whether or not “The Carrie Diaries” will get a second season, “Hart Of Dixie” and “Beauty and the Beast” will be back this fall.

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