Bella Thorne Gets A Book Deal!

Bella ThorneThe literati radar is blowing up today with all kinds of exciting book news, and here's the latest bit: Bella Thorne, the 15 year-old superstar—who's already a familiar face on the Hollywood scene as a singer, dancer, actress, and model—is sinking her teeth into a slightly more cerebral piece of the entertainment biz, having officially made a multi-book deal with Random House for publication in 2014! Bella will co-write "Autumn Falls," a series of YA novels about a 14 year-old girl whose life changes after a chance encounter with magic.

Without any other details available, it's not clear yet whether this is going to be witchy-romantic magic à la "Beautiful Creatures," or fantastical epic magic à la "Harry Potter," or something else entirely (although we would like to point out that it's never too early to start hoping for a "Teen Witch"-style magical freestyle rap-off!).

And as with any famous person's work of fiction, there's the added excitement of wondering whether Bella's book might include any characters or plot points that are thinly veiled depictions of the real-life celebrity scene...although Bella, for her part, is being pretty oblique about it, saying only, "This book, although mysterious and magical, is inspired by different aspects of my personal life, which I hold very near and dear to my heart." But hey, it's something—and if anyone wants to start speculating on which of Bella's recent co-stars might have secret magical powers, well, let's just say that we've always thought there was something a little bit witchy about Roshon Fegan. You don't think...?!