New 'Bling Ring' Trailer Is Even Blingier

Emma WatsonThe internet being what it is, we give it...oh, another five seconds, tops, before someone has created an amazing gifset of Emma Watson's deadpan delivery of "The Bling Ring" trailer's most iconic line: "I want to rob."

Seriously, it's fabulous. But in the meantime, you can still enjoy Emma's blithe bad-girl moment just as the producers intended: by watching the trailer itself on a continuous loop all morning long! (That is what we're supposed to be doing, right?) The new look at Sofia Coppola's film about a group of wily teenage thieves is out now (via Yahoo!), trading in the flashy montage of the first teaser trailer for some slightly more detailed delving into the characters' motivations and the movie's main plot.

For those not in the know, "The Bling Ring" is based on a true story about a group of club kids in L.A. who went from aspirational shoulder-rubbing on the celebrity scene to breaking-and-entering at celebrity homes—where they scored jewelry, clothes and cash (and also, if the trailer is to be believed, developed a close personal relationship with Paris Hilton's dog).

This latest peek at the upcoming film hints at the evolution of the Bling Ring from starstruck fans to hardened criminals, and also gives us a good idea about the movie's blacker-than-black sense of humor; one burglar, brought in for police questioning, seems more interested in Lindsay Lohan's reaction to the crimes than she is in the fact that she's going to jail.

"The Bling Ring" hits theaters June 14.

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