Daniel Gillies' 'Broken Kingdom' Goes To Showtime

Daniel Gillies"The Vampire Diaries" star Daniel Gillies is finally getting distribution for his independent films "Broken Kingdom" and "Kingdom Come." The actor and director has been very forthcoming about his struggle trying to create his first feature film, so learning that both projects will air on Showtime in May is a nice conclusion to this story.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Showtime has acquired both "Broken Kingdom" and "Kingdom Come," and will air them back-to-back on May 15 starting at 7 p.m. "Broken Kingdom" is a drama set in the slums of Bogota and the Hollywood Hills, while "Kingdom Come" is a documentary about Daniels' experience creating his directorial debut.

Both projects premiered in Los Angeles on October 2, and Daniel gave fans the ability to livestream the event and watch the movie for under $10. He didn't expect to make much off that, but wanted his supporters to be able to experience his hard work with him.

"One of my producers said to me at one point, 'Are you sure you want to sell it for $5? That's just so cheap. Like, don't you want to make a little more because you spent so much money on the film?' And I said, 'To me, the only important thing is that people get to enjoy this movie. That's all that I care about,'" Daniel explained to Hollywood Crush. "I said, 'People can steal this.' The difference between stealing and $5 is not that much."

In addition to this exciting development for Daniel, he’ll also be starring in the upcoming "Vampire Diaries" spin-off "The Originals." The backdoor pilot for that episode airs on April 25.

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