'The Elite' Author Kiera Cass' No-Fail Dating Advice

The EliteHey Hollywood Crush Readers!

I'm Kiera Cass, author of "The Selection," "The Prince" novella, and "The Elite" (out today!). "The Selection" series revolves around a fictitious dating game, and lots of people ask if I ever watched "The Bachelor" to get inspired for my books. The truth is, I never watched an episode until after I wrote "The Selection," but since then I’ve learned a lot about televised dating relationships and all the drama that surrounds them.

Personally, I think it’s easier to find a guy the old-fashioned, off-screen way. But... that’s way less entertaining! So, if you decide to participate in one of these ventures, you’ve got to remember that the producers have it down to a science as to what mix of girls make for an interesting show and who would stand a chance at winning a happily ever after. So, you’ve got to quickly establish yourself as one of the following it you want a chance at snagging your ideal man!

The Crier: Yes, maybe it’s only been one day, but you’re still really moved by the journey, and you want all the other girls to know about it. And the hunk. And the camera person. And the chick who does the catering.

The Nut Job: Every once in a while, just tilt your head to the side and stare at someone. That should do the trick. But always be cool around the hunk. That way the other girls seem crazy.

The Sad One: You have a really incredible backstory about overcoming being born with no body or something, and you must talk about it every chance you get. At this point the producers will play music similar to what you heard when Mufasa died.

The Scaredy Cat: You need to have some sort of fear. Heights is usually the easiest one, and the hunk will soon come to your aid. If you’re smart, you can say you have a fear of large groups of women.

The Flight Attendant: There’s always one.

The Gimmick Girl: You wear contacts that make your eyes orange? You’ve pierced your arm pit? You only wear clothes made from cat fur? Perfect. Show off your oddity for maximum air/hunk time.

The Obvious One: There’s always that one chick that you can tell from the start she’s the nicest, smartest, most easygoing one in the lot. Aim to be her. You will come in second and get another shot with a group of much hotter hunks.

Good luck on your man hunt!


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