'Beautiful Stranger' Authors Reveal The 'Beautiful Player'

Beautiful StrangerIf you've been unwittingly mesmerized by a "Beautiful Bastard" and completely charmed by a "Beautiful Stranger," then you'll want to listen up, because we've got some EXCLUSIVE news regarding Christina Lauren's follow-up, due October 2013. Namely, its name!

The "Beautiful" moniker for the third installment of their steamy, sexy series is... "Beautiful Player."

What's more, we've also got the titles of the authors' three e-novellas: "Beautiful Bitch" (to be released June 2013), "Beautiful Bombshell" (to be released September 2013) and "Beautiful Beginning" (to be released November 2013).

Of course, with news like this we had to get Christina Lauren (otherwise known as the writing team of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings) on the phone to discuss all the pertinent (and naughty!) details, including the main players in "Beautiful Player," the film adaptation of "Beautiful Bastard" and how much heat to expect from their debut YA novel. Check out the interview after the jump!

Hollywood Crush: Congratulations on "Beautiful Stranger." What's the response been like?

Lauren Billings: It has been awesome. I think that what we found was, when "Beautiful Bastard" came out and people really responded positively to that, their concern when they found out "Stranger" was about different characters was that they wanted more Chloe and Bennett. And we kept saying, "Trust us. We promise you'll like Max and Sara. Chloe and Bennett are in it. They'll get their day. Just trust us. We think you'll like Max." And they were like, "Ah, we don't know." And now everyone is falling in love with Max. There are Twitter people—there's Max Stella and Sara Dillon on Twitter now. It's really cute. People have been really into it.

HC: "Beautiful Bastard" was a revamp of your fanfic "The Office," but what was the genesis of "Beautiful Stranger"?

Christina Hobbs: We didn't even have an idea for "Stranger" when Gallery bought "Beautiful Bastard." We had kind of been toying with a couple of ideas, and one kept sticking in our heads: What would happen if this girl came to this new city and she met this amazing guy in this club and they had sex? It seemed like an idea that's not super-original. It's told a million times, and it's in the way we told it. It took off from there. We wrote it so fast. We wrote it in like 50 days. It was just the most fun. We didn't think we could top the fun in writing "Beautiful Bastard," but we did. We just had so much fun.

HC: Let's talk about your next novel, "Beautiful Player." Who are we going to become acquainted with in the third installment?

Lauren: You met Will in "Beautiful Stranger," and he is Max's best buddy and business partner, and in "Player," his best friend from college has a little sister who has recently moved to the city, and she's kind of a geek and kind of socially awkward. And his friend says, "Hey, can you give my sister some help? Get her out more?" So he initially think it's just going to be about taking the little sister out, but it might go somewhere else...

HC: As for the e-novellas: Will those focus just on Chloe and Bennett?

Christina: They kind of follow Chloe and Bennett's story, but they involve everybody, and particularly the one I'm super looking forward to is the second novella.

Lauren: I think it's fair to say with each novella, we start to incorporate more of the other characters. "Beautiful Bitch" is basically just Chloe and Bennett, and it's them trying to find time for their relationship in their really crazy work life. This one takes place before "Stranger." And then "Bombshell," it's the guys—including Max and Will and characters you've met—go to Vegas for a guys' weekend and sort of the shenanigans that happen there. I think one of the reasons Christina is so excited about it is because we get to write more of Max, and he's so fun. And then the third one has everybody that you'll meet in the books, including Will and his gal, and so that one is sort of nicely wrapping up this whole series with all of these guys together.

HC: And you have a fourth book coming out next year.

Lauren: We have a fourth book, but we haven't exactly nailed down what it's going to be. That one is spring or early summer. It's probably going to be the start of a new series.

HC: We're also quite curious about your upcoming YA novel. Can you divulge any plot details?

Christina: So our YA is done. It's with our awesome agent, and it's a paranormal romance. It's a ghost story and, again, I don't know how much I'm allowed to give away.

Lauren: Whenever we talk about it, we keep it kind of vague. It's in some hands right now. The premise is basically kind of like "Flatliners" meets "Ghost."

HC: I'm assuming it won't be quite as sexy as the "Beautiful" books.

Lauren: It's definitely not as sexy as the "Beautiful" books, but I think it would be classified as steamy YA. It definitely has some heat in it.

HC: Well, speaking of bringing the heat, "Beautiful Bastard" is hopefully headed to the big screen. Any news to report?

Christina: We actually are talking to our producer [Jeremy Bolt] today. We don't know what he's going to tell us, but we're super-excited. They've been so amazing at keeping us in the loop at every step of the way, so we're dying to know what he wants to talk to us about.

Lauren: We definitely know they've been moving forward. The last time we spoke, he gave us a list of screenwriters. So that's where the last major discussion was, so today we'll probably get an update on that and thinking of directors.

HC: What has your level of involvement been like?

Lauren: What we told him when we first spoke—we didn't push for a lot of input in the contract because they were really excited about the story, and we wanted to let them kind of take it in the direction they wanted. It's a very erotic, content-heavy book, so in order to translate that into film, we kind of wanted someone else to take it and see how they do. Jeremy Bolt, who is the producer, has been very hands on with us with it. The first time we talked, he wanted to know how we picture them, where we thought the movie could expand on the book, where we could cut down on things, what screenplay would we like. So he really does want our input. I think it stops there, at least in our opinion. We want to make it his.

Christina: Which is exactly what we told him. We love every idea he had. The direction he was taking it was better than we could have imagined. We basically told him, "We're just here to be cheerleaders." He wants our opinion and our input, and that's great, but we're really just here to cheer him on.

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